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Businesses eligible for Bridge Consolidation financing

Our minimum qualifications are less intensive than those of banks.

We’re focused on getting you approved so your business can thrive.


  • 1+ years in business

  • $100,000+ in the past 12 months

  • 500+ Credit Score



Term Loans up to $5,000,000


  • 9.99%       

       Lowest Annual Interest Rate (APR)¹

  • 3-36 Month Terms
    Short- and long-term payback With early payoff discounts

       Grow and Invest in Your Business.
       Fund projects and purchases that drive your business forward.

You could:
  • Purchase and profit from a bulk inventory deal

  • Invest in your online presence

  • Finally open that new location you've been eyeing

Lines of Credit up to $200,000

  • 13.99%
    Lowest Annual Percentage Rate (APR)¹

  • Flexible Revolving Lines
    Only pay interest on what you draw

  • Monthly Maintenance Fee
    20/month, waived with $5,000 initial draw²

       Keep Your Business Running Smoothly.
       Manage your working capital needs, both planned and unplanned.

You could:
  • Take advantage of purchase opportunities

  • Be ready for unexpected opportunities or costs

  • Fund purchases you can't put on your credit card




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