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Bridge Consolidation is a direct funding company, providing small businesses with access to capital- fast. Our financing products are easy to access bank loan alternatives, in reach of business owners even if they have poor credit scores or outstanding business loans. We greatly admire the determination and positive impact demonstrated by our small business customers on a daily basis. To do our part in supporting their success, we have a dedicated internal customer service group trained to provide excellent service. We understand the significant demands that small business owners face, and strive to be a trusted partner in helping our customers satisfy their objectives and grow their businesses. We take the same approach when our small business customers face difficulties: we do not permit delinquent or over-burdened borrowers to roll-over into a new loan, and we do not offer loan products built around late fees and penalties. We try to work with our customers facing financial hardship with the goal of placing them back on sound financial footing and giving them the opportunity to manage their outstanding commitments.

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